Rules & Regulations

  1. The tournament will start on Monday July 11 and end on Friday July 15 2022.
  2. The rules and regulations of the FMJD apply to this tournament.
  3. Over the course of 5 days 8 rounds will be played.
  4. We will play according to the Swiss system on truncated Solkoff.
  5. The time control will be Fisher system with 1 hour and 20 minutes plus 1 minute for each move.
  6. Two points are alloted for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss.
  7. It is not allowed to postpone a game, unless the tournament direction decides otherwise.
  8. If 30 minutes after the start of a round one of the players has not yet arrived, the game is declared lost to the absent player, unless there is a special reason for his absence, to be judged by the tournament direction.
  9. 10 minutes before the start of a round it has to be silent inside the playing hall.
  10. The final classification is according to Truncated Solkoff.
  11. If a player has to withdraw from the tournament, the remaining games will be declared lost; in case more than 50% of the games have been played, the total points of the player will remain.
  12. Both players are obligated to fill in the notation form and keep it up with the game.
  13. The notation form needs to be filled in duplicate and is required to be clear and readable.
  14. During the game, the notation form needs to be next to the board and clearly visible to the arbiter.
  15. It is not allowed to analyze games in the playing hall, there is a designated analysis area with boards and pieces in a seperate hall.
  16. In case the tournament direction has indications that constitute the view that the result of the game has been agreed upon in advance, the tournament direction will arrange a meeting with both players involved. The tournament direction has the right to allocate both players zero points for the respective game and deny entry to the subsequent rounds and/or the next edition of the tournament.
  17. It is not allowed to smoke inside the playing venue nor on the terrace outside.
  18. Players are not allowed to carry any turned on electronic communication devices, documents and notes that will could facilitate cheating.
  19. Mobile phones and suchlike have to be switched completely during the game.
  20. In exceptional cases, an iPad may be used for electronic notation. This requires permission of the FMJD, the chief arbiter and the opponent.
  21. In case a women wins a higher prize in the open tournament than in the women tournament, she will be awarded with the highest prize (only). The other prize does not pass on.
  22. In situations in which these rules and regulations do not comply, the tournament direction will make a decision.

By participating in the tournament a player implicitly grants permission to the organisation to use ones name and photo’s on the tournament website. In case a player does not want a particular photo online, (s)he remains the right to announce as such to the tournament direction.