Match Rules


Match Rules
Match rules WorldCup***RotterDamsOpen – 14th of July until the 20th of July
• the regulations of the FMJD are applied for this tournament
• the tournament will be held from Sunday July 14, until Saturday July 20 2019 acoording the rules of the FMJD
• 9 rounds of Swiss system on truncated Solkoff will be held on 7 match days
• the Fisher system is applied with 1 hour and 20 minutes  plus 1 minute per move played
• for winnings, two (2) points are awarded and one (1) point is awarded for a draw
• postponement of a game is not allowed, unless the tournament management decides otherwise
• when half an hour (30 minutes)) after the start of the game one of the players is still not present, the game will be lost for the player who has not appeared, unless there is a special reason for this to be judged by the tournament directory
• both players are required to keep the notation 
the completed form with the result of the game, the time used and a signature of both players must be handed to the referee immediately after the end of the game.
the notation form must be completed and clearly legible

  • it is not allowed to analyze games in the gaming room
  • Analyzing is allowed in the space provided. There is a sign and disks available in the space concerned.
    • if a player has to withdraw from the tournament:
  • the remaining games will be declared lost; in case of more than 50% of the games played, the  total points of the player will remain.
    • the tournament management consists of two representatives of the organizing committee and the chief referee. The tournament management may request assistance from third parties.
  • the decision of the tournament management is binding.
    • offering and / or accepting a draw before 40 moves are played is prohibited and is punished by awarding both players zero points. In case there is a suspicion that a match is given away and if there is a remittance agreement, this can also be punished by awarding both players zero points

• Final classification
Truncated Solkoff: the largest total score of opponents played,, not counting the weakest if neede the second weakest, etc
• it is forbidden to use audiovisual equipment, except for devices allowed by the refferee
• it is forbidden to smoke and speak in the games room

  • In exeptional cases an ipad can be used with the permission of the Technical Director of the FMJD, the referee and the opponent 
  • In situations where this regulation does not comply, the tournament management will make a decision
    • Finally:
    in cases where the tournament management has clues that lead to the conviction that the result of the game has been agreed in advance (combine), a meeting with the two players and the tournament management will be arranged. The tournament management has the right to give both players zero (0) points for the relevant party and deny them access to the next edition of the tournament.