WORLDCUP*** RotterDamsOpen 2019 (Drie Sterren Worldcup RotterDamsOpen 2019)

Dear Draughts friends, in 2019 the World Cup *** will take place under the auspices of the FMJD (World Draughts Organisation) in the beautiful city of Rotterdam. The hospitality of Rotterdam speaks to the people of the world and we are proud to offer you here the stage of the 2019 World Cup ***. The 2019 World Cup *** with room for all types of draughts will again take place in the sports complex of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam from Sunday July 14 till Saturday July 20, 2019.

Martijn van IJzendoorn has already won the tournament. He wants to show that three times is a charm. Who are his competitors?
In any case, it will be an exciting international tournament. Exciting because there are also opportunities for the sub stoppers to prove themselves in the midst of this hustle and bustle. This tournament is also for the recreational draughts players and the passionate draughts players who wants to put there brain to work.

In a nutshell an experience of quite a few. Draughts promotes the well-being of human brain. We are happy to showcase this in Rotterdam. In this particular tournament, where the professional draughts player as well as the recreational draughts player comes to his / her enjoyment. There are, in addition to the World Cup prizes, also various categories wihin the RDO to win prizes.

Friday 19th july starts the rapid game at 18,30. There are three categories.
Please fill the list in the playing room if you want to participate.  Participants of the tournament can play the rapid for free. Anyone else pay € 5.00.

Interested in the (3) *** WorldCup RotterDamsOpen 2019?
Register Soon! Every draughts player, topper, subtopper or recreationalist draught player can participate in the international tournament in Rotterdam RotterDamsOpen 2019. The prize pool this year of approximately 8000 Euro which is is guaranteed.

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